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Aeneas Wilder: projects Alma Graduate School, University of Bologna, Italy 2013

Untitled # 166/ #167/ #168

Alma Graduate School, Villa Guastavanni, University of Bologna, Italy

4th April - 20th April 2013

This project was realised through a collaboration between Studio Oredaria, Rome and the Alma Graduate school in Bologna.

Villa Guastovanni hosts one of Italy's finest examples of a 16th Century Ninfeo bath house, which is now used to present contemporary art projects. This project consisted of a series of installations produced and collapsed over the period of three weeks. The project also incorporated a series of workshops for business management students and culminated in a conference with guest speakers from the Italian business world each giving a short talk related to precariousness. In total three installations were created:

Untitled # 166

Untitled # 167

Untitled # 168

Workshop/conference images

Not yet video documentation of the collapse

In progress images of Untitled # 167

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