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Aeneas Wilder: exhibitions When the notion of time disappears, KadS 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

KadS 2018: When the notion of time disappears.

22nd April - 3rd June 2018

Soledad Senlle Art Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Kunst aan de Schinkel is a biennial exhibition that takes place in various locations around the Oud Zuid/Schinkel area of Amsterdam. For KadS 2018 the theme was When the notion of time disappears. The exhibition was curated by Sascia Vos and presented the work of 10 artists.

Aeneas Wilder's initial project was to develop an interactive work based around a sand pit located within a children's play area on Schinkelhavenstraat. The project proposal presented health and safety issues for the city authorities so a number of alternative locations were sought, all of them problematic in some way.

The work was eventually located in the Vondel Park and built around a "speakers corner" plinth that exists there. A wooden structure created a border that contained the sand spread out on the surface of the plinth. A small staircase was built into the structure and a number of wooden drawing tools were provided to allow the public to make drawings in the sand.

Information about the exhibition and the other artists work can be viewed at the Soledad Senlle Art Foundation

Untitled # 200


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